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Sun 23 October 2016
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Son of the Wind a new dramatic production 

2009-04-28 15:12:11

I am currently a Peace Corps volunteer in South Africa working with two San or "Bushman" tribes, the !Xun & Khwe. I have worked as an actor, director, writer and drama teacher for over 10 years and fell into this role here in SA by a curious twist of fate.

A year ago I was asked by the South African San Institute (SASI), a Non Governmental Organization, to write a play about these tribes and their experience in the Angolan war, including a massacre of three hundred !Xun people which propelled them into the war and has been essentially ignored, even by African history.

The !Xun & Khwe communities live in poverty, continue to struggle with discrimination, and are on the brink of losing their culture forever. This project works directly with people of the community as actors, artists and production assistants. It was initiated to uplift these tribes financially and emotionally as well as to give them a voice in the greater world. 

Son of the Wind is based upon the personal accounts of those who lost their ancient culture due to war as well as the words of the young who are struggling to find their own place in the modern world. The Elders of the community believe that this production is a way to instil greater respect for tradition within the minds of their youth and a sense of greater pride within the hearts of the people of their communities.

But now, long promised funding by government agencies has disappeared and/or been drastically reduced. A worthy project that is a testament to resiliency of the human spirit and of love is in jeopardy.

At   you can learn more about the !Xun & Khwe, SASI’s work, and the production Son of the Wind.  On the site you can also make an investment in the project via PayPal: “Son of the Wind”.

SASI would like to encourage your investments in order to develop the project, it’s related programs and create a lasting legacy. The weakened global economy has rocked Africa in a big way and foreign currency has a tendency to stretch far further than can be expected in other parts of the world.

Please forward this email to people and institutions that you think might invest in a project that can directly touch the lives of hundreds of people. So many things fall apart in Africa please help us keep this project together.

Thank you,

Misty Brodiaea Springer
Artistic Director - Son of the Wind
South African San Institute (SASI)
Cell: 072.923.9002


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Son of the Wind